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Interlake ranked 24 out of 100 top best schools [09 May 2005|02:10pm]

Interlake High School ranked 24 on Newsweek's Top 100 best High Schools in the nation. 24!! We should all have some Saint pride.

The ghetto school???Check it out...

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Construction [14 Oct 2004|08:28pm]

How`s the construction on Intelerlake going anyhow? I read the thing that Cochran wrote on the web site, but I`d rather hear it from a student. The IHS administration does not have a great credibility record with me.

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Interlake memories [14 Oct 2004|08:14pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

(cross-posted on my journal, sorry if it comes up twice)

Today at school I was thinking about Interlake, and the many...ahem...interesting memories I have of there. Good, bad, and totally insane. Here`s what came to mind. Am I missing any?

Potato Gun
This is what started my thinking about Interlkae. Remember back in, what, freshman year (for the 04-ers of course) when 3 kids got in trouble for firing a potato gun on campus at night? I was there for a musical rehearsal, and the police showed up and locked us in the theater, telling us to not open the doors for anyone but them. We were stuck there for a couple hours, but the theater`s a good place to be stuck. Bathrooms, water, we even had some food. Nobody was really scared, just annoyed. Then the police escorted to the parking lot where we all drove home, except me cuz I couldn`t drive so I got a ride. The newspapers said someone reported seeing some kids with a rifle running away from the campus. Heheheh.

A more recent one. This last spring when the administraiton decided that hats were a clear sign of gang activity so they banned them. I called the newspapers that afternoon and there was a story about it the next day. People wore hats anyway, just to annoy the admin. I wore my jester hat, but when some official person told me to take it off I wimped out and gave in. In retrospect, I wish I had taken the detention for it, just so I could tell people I got a detention for wearing a jester hat because of its gang connotation.

Actually, I don`t really know much about this one. But I remember somebody being suspended for using a mouthwash that had traces of alcohol in it or something. Another fine example of the Interlake administration. So really, this isn`t my memory at all, since I never really knew what happened. So never mind.

Kama Sutra
Freshman year in Guy Thomas` World Civ class, a substitute misread Guy`s instructions and assigned us to read the wrong pages out of a textbook, which meant we were assigned to read the Kama Sutra (the ancient Indian guide to sex). I actually never did the assignment, and by the time I had found out, the administration had arrived at the obvious solution: cut those pages out of the textbooks. There were some mild protests, but they of course had no effect.

IHS Live
Freshman year I wimped out and didn`t do Interlake Live. Sophomore year Tristan rozencrantz and I did a comedy juggling routine together, most of which was ripped off line-by-line from the Gentlemen Jugglers. Still, people liked it and it was fun. Junior year, Val and I were gonna do a show together, but Val kept putting off practicing so I did a solo act, no comedy, choreographed to music. Senior year, I wrote a script for Val and I and we practiced like madmen the week and a half before the performance to memorize all the lines and choreographed juggling. There was tons of chaos involved in putting it together, but in the end it rocked. We had the awesome Matrix-style entrance and cool glow ball juggling, the comedy section in which we made fun of the hat policy, joked about getting laid, and passed clubs around our girlfriends. And there was the part that REALLY should have got us in trouble, the knives and fire. Good times. We never did get in any trouble for that, by the way. Not even a lecture or anything. Nada. Also, Ian rule_of_three, Jeremy botemuthegreat and I sang "Big-ass Rock", which was loads of fun and also should have gotten us in trouble. And I did a, in retrospect, pretty stupid "comedy" piano routine that sucked.

Paris Drawing Inappropriate Dancing
Minor one, but it still makes me laugh. Remember the assembly when Paris was in charge of explaining what kind of dancing was inappropriate, and he drew a diagram explaining it that was, ahem, not entirely appropriate? That was good times.

Jeff and Mr. Weeks
Freshman year English class was always entertaining with Jeff and Mr. Weeks. "Damn you Mr. Weeks!" "Damn you Jeff" Weeks having the trick staple in his arm, Jeff actually stapling his arm thinking it was real. Jeff standing on his head the entire period so the blood woul flow and make him smarter...good times.

Brandon and Ian`s Campaign
Brandon and Ian ran a campaign for ASB or something, and it was awesome. They had all these crazy communist signs that they put up around the school. It`s a pity they didn`t win.

Getting our asses handed to us on Homecoming
I don`t remember what year, but I remember the football team getting KILLED some year on homecoming. Like 52-0 or something. I laughed a lot.

Rumors about Mr. BK and Ms. Keylin
When everyone talked about how they had an affair, and they denied it, but then a month later were like "uh...by the way we`re getting married". Heehee.

Stealing the drummers hats
Okay, this is more of just a personal one, but in last year`s homecoming parade during the drum break the low brass all ran back and stole the drummers hats, which pissed off katie to the point of running up and beating me with her mallets the second the parade was over. Some band mom got it on video, her running up to me, cussing me out, and beating the shit out of me with (metal) quad mallets. I want a copy of that video, it was hilarious. Good times.

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Heh, greaaaaat... [23 Jul 2004|12:49pm]

[ mood | amused ]

So, everyone knows that the construction crew at Interlake is behind schedule, having wondered why we had to clear out of the science building and then wait however many months it was before they even began to tear it down. Well, my mom ran into a couple of the guys working on the school over the summer and apparently, they're much further behind than anybody expected they would be. So far behind, in fact, that there's talk of making us go to school at a different location until we actually have enough classrooms. According to the construction workers, the only things thus far untouched are the office and the gym. Even the classrooms on the west side of the office can't be used right now. It'll definitely be a fun first day back, regardless. This entire year is going to be like one big senior prank AGAINST the seniors.

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ATTN: Class of 2006 [31 May 2004|08:47pm]

I have completed my letter to Dr. Riley about the WASL going on our transcripts. If you would like to sign it, please let me know, and I will type your name on the letter. Contact your friends on AIM and MSN and ask them too. I will allow people to sign it without having their names in print, but I would like as many as possible.

If you would like to see a copy of the letter, e-mail me at kevinihs2006@NOSPAMhotmail.com (remove the nospam). Thank you for your support.

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Oy, seniors! [22 May 2004|12:07am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Just a random thought: I don't want to show up at Prom tomorrow and only see 5 other people-- when are most of you all going to show up? Going to BCC I don't get to see many IHS friends, so I want to make sure I get to see all the people I can tomorrow night ^_^

Please, please, PLEASE comment <=P

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[19 Apr 2004|11:32am]

too bad it won't help us seniors any :(

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Is anyone interested in getting their car washed? [31 Mar 2004|06:31pm]

Baseball is having a fundraiser. I need to sell 4 tickets

-$5 per ticket
-Les Shwab (sp?) Tire Center
-Sunday 10a-4p
-Buy tickes from me tommorow at school if you see me

Band people: This is a conveinent way of getting out of washing your own car at Saturday's car wash.

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Hooray! [14 Mar 2004|01:41am]

[ mood | πriffic ]

Happy π Day, everyone!!

Eat lots of Pi Pie for me! ;)


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Even better gang idea [08 Mar 2004|07:49pm]

Wear your "I think, therefore IB" shirts. Modify them so they read "I think, therefore IB in a gang.

Update on Publicity

A story aired on King5 @ 5pm. I have it on VHS tape. I will allow the first person to ask to borrow the tape, provided they give me collateral. If you would like to see it, I belive it will be on the following stations:

KING 5 (Was on at 5pm, expect to re-air at 11)
KONG 6/16 (Was the 10pm teaser story)
KCPQ 13 (Not sure about this one, I just heard a rumor)

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Duuude... [06 Mar 2004|10:56pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Ideas like this make me love being my mother's daughter:

So I told my mom about the new policy-
She says "Well, the confiscate those things if you wear them, right? Well then why don't you all just go to school with hooded sweatshirts on with the hoods up, but not wear anything under them? Then if they try to confiscate them..."

LOL! My mom kicks ass.
Maybe we'll save that one for day 2?

I'd SOOO do it- and my mom obviously wouldn't care- it was her idea...

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HA! *laughs in Interlake's general direction* [05 Mar 2004|08:18pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Kiss my ass IHS.
Like Stephen said- black shirt- blue jeans-
the point is to wear similar attire to appear "gang related" without them actually being able to do anything about it.
Kiki asked me what black shirt w/ blue jeans meant- I said
"nothing- neither does my freaking pink headband"

I own WAY too many hair accessories to have such basic rights stripped.
The next thing you know we're gonna be going back to a highland-esque ban on spaghetti-strap tank tops.

You know what? Our rules already state that we can't have gang related attire- I'm finding it hard to understand what expanding the definition of gang-related attire does. Sure- define it- but don't say that we can't wear our goddamned hoods, or freakin hats! WE LIVE IN SEATTLE!!!! IT'S COLD OUTSIDE!!!!

Seriously now- if you wear your Mariners baseball cap- it will be confiscated and you may face suspension.
Us: *go M's!*
Admin: OHHHHH no you don't! Suspended!

I'm gonna set up a meeting with whoever made that stupid rule (I'm assuming Ms.Gill) and since their schedules are tight it probably wont be until later in the week. Anyone who wants to go with let me know...I'm fine doing most of the talking- but some backup would be nice.

I feel that if our rights are being taken away in an environment where none of us have witnessed anything to provoke such a thing, then we deserve an explanation. I haven't even heard any RUMORS about gang activity.

I say we organize some other sign that we all wear until are rights are restored- something that can be perceived as gang-related, but that has not yet been banned. Any ideas?

In the meantime I'm gonna make as many black teeshirts that say "Protect Student Rights" (unless someone has something better to put on 'em) as I can over the weekend.

In conclusion- it's time to stand up for ourselves. Especially 04- 04, we've been getting screwed over since day 1 at this god forsaken school- I don't need to cite the many such things.
To Interlake Admin: Screw you guys, I'm goin home!

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ehhh... [24 Feb 2004|02:56am]

[ mood | curious ]

So Interpalooza's coming up this Saturday, yes?

Is there anyone remotely interesting playing?

Or uninteresting?

Is anyone playing at all?

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Prom Prom Prom [10 Feb 2004|11:30pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

Any of the girls out there know what's "popular" this year for dresses? I mean, if everyone and their kid sister is wearing red for example, then I certainly don't want to be wearing it with them.

So far it looks like black & white is kinda big, but I live in a cave and don't really know. ¬_¬

Thank you much!

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Also in light of recent stupidity... [05 Feb 2004|05:48am]

[ mood | tsk-tsk ]

Let's not forget that the moderator has the power not only to delete any post he wishes from the community, and edit them to be friends only or private whether or not he posted it himself...

He also has the power to remove members from the community. So, kids, how about we wisen up? High school might be kid stuff, but c'mon.

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T-shirt designed by kokothemonkey [04 Feb 2004|10:24pm]

[ mood | amused ]

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In wake of recent stupidity... [04 Feb 2004|06:16pm]

I have closed membership. I ask you all to use discretion while posting and to use the Friends security feature for anything you deem controversial. Let's try not to get me, members of this community, or Livejournal embroiled in anything. Let it be known that this community does not endorse illegal behavior. We are still open to new members but I will be screening new users.

Your moderator.

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Come on kiddies, Make me proud. [04 Feb 2004|03:32pm]

38 Survival Activities For a Boring Class

If you're serious about combating boredom during class, these tips are for you. Please, don't think twice before engaging in any of the following activities.

1. During the lecture, throw a Frisbee past your professor and yell: FETCH! When he doesn't do anything, scold him: "That's a bad professor! Very bad!"

2. Ask the professor if this class comes with closed captioning.

3. When the professor calls your name in roll call, and your name is Smith, correct him and say: "Ahem, it's pronounced Bergowitz."

4. Come to class drunk and loudly proclaim in the middle of the lecture: "YOU GUYS ARE MY BEST FRIENDS!"

5. Tell the professor you're dyslexic and claim you need the answers to the test first, so you can work backwards to find the questions.

6. Bring a secretary to class. If the professor asks you a question, have the secretary explain that you are in a meeting.

7. Play Tetris in class, and every few minutes scream out "Fucking blocks!"

8. Respond to every question with "Nice pants." For example: Who was the king of France in 800? "Nice pants." What city did USA drop the atomic bomb on? "Nice pants." What is the Dockers slogan? "Nice pants." (Well, it doesn't work with everything)

9. Address your professor as "Tiger". "Is that gonna be on the exam, Tiger?"

10. Laugh uncontrollably while the professor talks about the oppression of slaves.

11. Ride into class on a goat. Act nonchalant.

12. Heckle the professor during attendance.

13. If someone tries to sit in the empty seat next to you scream out: "YOU'RE SITTING ON HARRY!"

14. If the professor asks you to answer a math problem, answer it in letters, explaining that you're allergic to numbers.

15. Interrupt the lecture with, "Do you dance with the devil under the pale moonlight?"

16. Chew down on your blue pen and get ink on your mouth. Casually explain to the professor that you were feasting on Smurfs.

17. Interrupt the class every 5 minutes with: "So where were the bodies hidden?"

18. Wear one of those disguises with the glasses, nose and moustache, and refer to the professor as "a stinka."

19. Insist that you wrote the textbook and that chapter 5-8 is all lies.

20. Hold up a big posterboard with JOHN 3:16 written on it.

21. Write your papers in IM language.

For example:
in ww2, french ppl didnt fight
they were 2 slop
then germany came and wuz like
french ppl lata!

22. Wear an eye patch to class. Change which eye it covers every 30 seconds.

23. Enter class with an entourage.

24. If the professor asks you a question, tell him you forgot to put in your contacts that morning and can't hear him.

25. Bring an alarm clock to class, have it go off, and repeatedly hit snooze.

26. Sit next to the kid that nods "yes" constantly while the teacher is talking, and continuously shake your head "no" during the lecture.

27. Excuse yourself from class and explain you're having "woman problems". This is especially effective if you're a guy.

28. Show up 10 minutes late, and yell out: "Stupid daylight savings time. I meant to be 10 minutes late TOMORROW!"

29. When writing a paper, plagiarize a trashy romance novel. Demand that Socrates did, in fact, have luscious breasts and milky white skin and you deserve an A.

30. Email your professor with an erotic letter complete with pictures, then send a followup with the words: "Oops, wrong email."

31. Bring in cabaret dancers and answer your questions in song.

32. If the professor asks you to answer a problem on the board, try doing it in pen as opposed to chalk, then start crying about how your pen doesn't work.

33. While the professor is talking, walk around the room. When he pauses, frantically try to find a seat. If they are all filled, yell out, "Damnit, I suck at musical chairs."

34. If the professor sneezes, say nothing. Ten minutes later, blurt out: God Bless You!

35. Show up to class in a pirate uniform. In your best pirate accent, yell out: "Arrrr, I demand mutiny!"

36. Draw yellow lines on the floor near your desk and put up a sign that says: PARKING ONLY FOR [YOUR NAME HERE].

37. Come to class in a Klan hood. Then remark to the professor, "Hey man, great to see you at the meeting last night."

38. Get to class before the professor, and station a bouncer at the door. Have the bouncer demand the professor pay a cover.

That's all for now. Hope these tips make class more enjoyable. If not, just skip.

Let me know how they work out for ya ;)

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Interpalooza [22 Jan 2004|11:07pm]

Anyone know the date for Interpalooza?

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Come and see! [09 Jan 2004|03:00pm]
Interlake grad(and former drum major) Steve Schnieder(sp?) has a concert that yall should come too.

Probono (steve's band)
Hogan's Ally

-When and Where:
Saturday Night(tomorrow)
Kirkland Teen center

-cost is $5

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