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HA! *laughs in Interlake's general direction*

Kiss my ass IHS.
Like Stephen said- black shirt- blue jeans-
the point is to wear similar attire to appear "gang related" without them actually being able to do anything about it.
Kiki asked me what black shirt w/ blue jeans meant- I said
"nothing- neither does my freaking pink headband"

I own WAY too many hair accessories to have such basic rights stripped.
The next thing you know we're gonna be going back to a highland-esque ban on spaghetti-strap tank tops.

You know what? Our rules already state that we can't have gang related attire- I'm finding it hard to understand what expanding the definition of gang-related attire does. Sure- define it- but don't say that we can't wear our goddamned hoods, or freakin hats! WE LIVE IN SEATTLE!!!! IT'S COLD OUTSIDE!!!!

Seriously now- if you wear your Mariners baseball cap- it will be confiscated and you may face suspension.
Us: *go M's!*
Admin: OHHHHH no you don't! Suspended!

I'm gonna set up a meeting with whoever made that stupid rule (I'm assuming Ms.Gill) and since their schedules are tight it probably wont be until later in the week. Anyone who wants to go with let me know...I'm fine doing most of the talking- but some backup would be nice.

I feel that if our rights are being taken away in an environment where none of us have witnessed anything to provoke such a thing, then we deserve an explanation. I haven't even heard any RUMORS about gang activity.

I say we organize some other sign that we all wear until are rights are restored- something that can be perceived as gang-related, but that has not yet been banned. Any ideas?

In the meantime I'm gonna make as many black teeshirts that say "Protect Student Rights" (unless someone has something better to put on 'em) as I can over the weekend.

In conclusion- it's time to stand up for ourselves. Especially 04- 04, we've been getting screwed over since day 1 at this god forsaken school- I don't need to cite the many such things.
To Interlake Admin: Screw you guys, I'm goin home!
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