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Interlake memories

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Today at school I was thinking about Interlake, and the many...ahem...interesting memories I have of there. Good, bad, and totally insane. Here`s what came to mind. Am I missing any?

Potato Gun
This is what started my thinking about Interlkae. Remember back in, what, freshman year (for the 04-ers of course) when 3 kids got in trouble for firing a potato gun on campus at night? I was there for a musical rehearsal, and the police showed up and locked us in the theater, telling us to not open the doors for anyone but them. We were stuck there for a couple hours, but the theater`s a good place to be stuck. Bathrooms, water, we even had some food. Nobody was really scared, just annoyed. Then the police escorted to the parking lot where we all drove home, except me cuz I couldn`t drive so I got a ride. The newspapers said someone reported seeing some kids with a rifle running away from the campus. Heheheh.

A more recent one. This last spring when the administraiton decided that hats were a clear sign of gang activity so they banned them. I called the newspapers that afternoon and there was a story about it the next day. People wore hats anyway, just to annoy the admin. I wore my jester hat, but when some official person told me to take it off I wimped out and gave in. In retrospect, I wish I had taken the detention for it, just so I could tell people I got a detention for wearing a jester hat because of its gang connotation.

Actually, I don`t really know much about this one. But I remember somebody being suspended for using a mouthwash that had traces of alcohol in it or something. Another fine example of the Interlake administration. So really, this isn`t my memory at all, since I never really knew what happened. So never mind.

Kama Sutra
Freshman year in Guy Thomas` World Civ class, a substitute misread Guy`s instructions and assigned us to read the wrong pages out of a textbook, which meant we were assigned to read the Kama Sutra (the ancient Indian guide to sex). I actually never did the assignment, and by the time I had found out, the administration had arrived at the obvious solution: cut those pages out of the textbooks. There were some mild protests, but they of course had no effect.

IHS Live
Freshman year I wimped out and didn`t do Interlake Live. Sophomore year Tristan rozencrantz and I did a comedy juggling routine together, most of which was ripped off line-by-line from the Gentlemen Jugglers. Still, people liked it and it was fun. Junior year, Val and I were gonna do a show together, but Val kept putting off practicing so I did a solo act, no comedy, choreographed to music. Senior year, I wrote a script for Val and I and we practiced like madmen the week and a half before the performance to memorize all the lines and choreographed juggling. There was tons of chaos involved in putting it together, but in the end it rocked. We had the awesome Matrix-style entrance and cool glow ball juggling, the comedy section in which we made fun of the hat policy, joked about getting laid, and passed clubs around our girlfriends. And there was the part that REALLY should have got us in trouble, the knives and fire. Good times. We never did get in any trouble for that, by the way. Not even a lecture or anything. Nada. Also, Ian rule_of_three, Jeremy botemuthegreat and I sang "Big-ass Rock", which was loads of fun and also should have gotten us in trouble. And I did a, in retrospect, pretty stupid "comedy" piano routine that sucked.

Paris Drawing Inappropriate Dancing
Minor one, but it still makes me laugh. Remember the assembly when Paris was in charge of explaining what kind of dancing was inappropriate, and he drew a diagram explaining it that was, ahem, not entirely appropriate? That was good times.

Jeff and Mr. Weeks
Freshman year English class was always entertaining with Jeff and Mr. Weeks. "Damn you Mr. Weeks!" "Damn you Jeff" Weeks having the trick staple in his arm, Jeff actually stapling his arm thinking it was real. Jeff standing on his head the entire period so the blood woul flow and make him smarter...good times.

Brandon and Ian`s Campaign
Brandon and Ian ran a campaign for ASB or something, and it was awesome. They had all these crazy communist signs that they put up around the school. It`s a pity they didn`t win.

Getting our asses handed to us on Homecoming
I don`t remember what year, but I remember the football team getting KILLED some year on homecoming. Like 52-0 or something. I laughed a lot.

Rumors about Mr. BK and Ms. Keylin
When everyone talked about how they had an affair, and they denied it, but then a month later were like " the way we`re getting married". Heehee.

Stealing the drummers hats
Okay, this is more of just a personal one, but in last year`s homecoming parade during the drum break the low brass all ran back and stole the drummers hats, which pissed off katie to the point of running up and beating me with her mallets the second the parade was over. Some band mom got it on video, her running up to me, cussing me out, and beating the shit out of me with (metal) quad mallets. I want a copy of that video, it was hilarious. Good times.
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