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Ideas like this make me love being my mother's daughter:

So I told my mom about the new policy-
She says "Well, the confiscate those things if you wear them, right? Well then why don't you all just go to school with hooded sweatshirts on with the hoods up, but not wear anything under them? Then if they try to confiscate them..."

LOL! My mom kicks ass.
Maybe we'll save that one for day 2?

I'd SOOO do it- and my mom obviously wouldn't care- it was her idea...
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I think they make you go home to change, and it probably counts as an unexcused absence. Stupid administration.
yah...but if EVERYONE did it- that would be a lot more difficult for them.

Plus they can go ahead and try to send me home from school just because I'm trying to protect myself from the rain.
They'd have an interesting conversation with my moms lawyers...especially since this announcement has not been sent home or been put into any kind of writing that we've received...
ohh, now THATS something.
Hahaha. Brilliant.

You should probably lock these kinds of posts.
It's a good point...I'm pretty sure we're a known existence.
There's no reason to lock these- if they read it, then fine. They know our plans. Who cares? I'm not threatening anyone, not talking about plagiarism, nothing. Just saying that I think their rules are fucking stupid. And I'd say that much to their faces, albeit a bit more politely.
Ah, it's good to see that atleast you guys are still rebelling against the administration!

do you guys still have a functional ASB/SGA?
I suggest fighting through student government first, but if that fails. we go onto the underground movement.

Ideas for you guys to fight back with.
since almost everybody at school these days owns a hooded sweater. you could goto the effort of having each of the classes 04-08 wear specific colored hoodies with a bandana.

I'll assume scab drill is dead. Revive it with a rogue band accompanyment.

As for the interlake website. Since both Sean and I created it. I now run a high speed server in San Jose. you can always register a new IHS domain. and create your own website for the school, then let your current school geeks exploit the complab's XP boxes through some security holes to reset the IE startpage (should only be a quick registery hack). This should be relatively easy, especially if computer nazi is still there.

You could also do petitions for student rights. Or run the same propaganda the US government used to ward off communism. Photoshop the old posters to specifically slam the administration.

If Mr. Hickey is still there, a great place to start your attacks would be through Leadership.

It's a shame to see IHS turn into the exact opposite of what it stood for. Don't put up with it! Fight it!

Good luck, and if you need anymore ideas, I'm sure I can round up a few from older classmates.
that entry's a little old- apparently we had some 'homies' and something was 'going down' so they made an emergency rule- which still makes no sense to me, but they already repealed it. But thanks for the ideas!

But actually- we got scab drill taken away last year, and given back this year- but it wasn't as good as past years =(