Brittney (kokothemonkey) wrote in interlake,

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Heh, greaaaaat...

So, everyone knows that the construction crew at Interlake is behind schedule, having wondered why we had to clear out of the science building and then wait however many months it was before they even began to tear it down. Well, my mom ran into a couple of the guys working on the school over the summer and apparently, they're much further behind than anybody expected they would be. So far behind, in fact, that there's talk of making us go to school at a different location until we actually have enough classrooms. According to the construction workers, the only things thus far untouched are the office and the gym. Even the classrooms on the west side of the office can't be used right now. It'll definitely be a fun first day back, regardless. This entire year is going to be like one big senior prank AGAINST the seniors.
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